For me, the big idea was to take what I love to do and find a way to turn it into a business of my own.  It was a big step, but I took the leap.  More than a decade later, illume marketing continues to shine.

Along the way, I've learned that big ideas, once they're set in motion, come with a world of unknowns.  I've also come to appreciate that this is the exhilarating part, and the part that I love to share in with my clients.

When I'm designing a logo, brainstorming concepts for an ad campaign, or drafting a brochure, I try to remember that whatever the product, service or cause, at some point, it started as someone's big idea.  That's why I work my heart out, giving 100% to make my clients happy.

And that's why I love what I do.   

To learn a little more about me, Sharon Sweeney, founder of illume marketing, check out my bio.


"It's hard to count the number of ways that Sharon has contributed to our organization over the years. For me personally, I know I can rely on her for just about anything. Most importantly, she can take my big ideas and magically develop the cohesive language, messaging and tools we need to build our business.  And along the way, we have plenty of laughs."
Jacy Hanson
Business Development Officer
Heart Rhythm Society