Resources are stretched even more than usual these days.  You're being asked to do more with fewer dollars.  For many clients, illume is a cost-effective extension of their marketing department.  For some, illume is the marketing department.  

The ability to bring strategic planning, messaging, copywriting, design and project management to the table is one thing. Bringing the ability to take whatever is thrown my way – that may be the intangible that clients value most about illume.

So sure, illume offers...

  • logo and identity
  • sales and marketing collateral
  • promotion, advertising and campaigns
  • web and interactive
  • corporate communications
  • events and special projects

But what about the not-so-typical?  These are the projects that seem to land on your desk, right?  

Ever been asked to...

  • Review raw market data, map it by MSO and sales territory, and summarize it graphically for a presentation to the Board.
  • Submit a feature story – it needs to be witty –for the corporate newsletter by the end of the day.
  • Develop a new visual that really captures how our company is an industry leader – for a Congressional briefing next week.

If you've got a communications challenge, large or small, it's likely illume's got a hat for that.


"Plain and simple, I trust illume marketing. Sharon consistently delivers high quality work that is delivered on time and within budget.  Bottom line: she gets the job done, and done right."
Dirk Nelson, Director of Marketing
MedNet Solutions