Certain undertakings are particularly meaningful to an organization, and to illume.  Raising awareness for a cause, hosting a high-profile event, launching a new product or assessing new market opportunities, they all have the potential to impact individuals, communities, customers or prospects.  We are proud to have helped our clients with their special initiatives.  

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"Minneapolis Radiology just opened the doors at our new clinic, the Breast Center of Maple Grove.  With only a couple of months to prepare, I called illume marketing.  Together, we developed our hit list of marketing and communications initiatives.  I'm happy to report there's now a check mark next to each and every item.  In the end, we’ve developed a strong, clear message with bold, creative execution.  More importantly, from day one, we've got a busy clinic.  Objective met.  Thanks Sharon!"
Suzanne Bluestein, Clinic Manager
Minneapolis Radiology and 
Breast Center of Maple Grove